Video - Yamaha WR450F Supermoto Ride - Birmingham, Alabama

Videa Husqvarna SM 450R Yamaha WR450F Supermoto Ride - Birmingham, Alabama

Yamaha WR450F Supermoto Ride - Birmingham, Alabama

This is my 2006 Yamaha WR450F supermoto ("WR450X") that I bought last October. It's mechanically stock besides the significantly restrictive emissions crap being removed and the carb being rejetted accordingly. Of course, it also has a brake light, turn signals, a horn, and Excel Takasago wheels (17x3.5" in front, 17x5" in rear) to make it a street-legal motard. My friend motorizedcam2 (who makes a brief appearance at 5:58) let me borrow his GoPro HD to film some of the roads I ride south of Birmingham, Alabama. I actually hit one of the roads a second time in the video (later in the day)...I'm pretty sure it was created with supermotos in mind! Anyway, enjoy the footage!

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