Video - Two-Strokes: The Complete Overview

Videa Husqvarna WRK 250 Two-Strokes: The Complete Overview

Two-Strokes: The Complete Overview

Project Scientist: Semester Two This video uses real-world images and video, as well as 2D and 3D animation to demonstrate how a two-stroke motorcycle engine works. Starting from the work of the piston and two-stroke cycle, through the primary chain (Maico feature) to the wet-clutch, then the transmission. Each stage is explained in fair detail given the constraints of a ten-minute video. Technical limitations meant that not all information could be covered with the resources I have, so some clips were used from the videos of Toby Opferman, YouTube username Tobyeo (I highly recommend his videos for detailed information!) Any questions, comments, concerns, corrections, etc can be left in the comments section below, or in PM form. Any corrections noted will be immediately put into annotation for the greater good of the populous.

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