Video - Tight Trail

Videa Husqvarna WR 390 Tight Trail

Tight Trail

Here's another trail from the general McCubbins-Keeps Mill area. This is an interesting trail for an entirely different reason from the Powerline trail. It doesn't, at any point, let you open the bike up, so it turns into an almost trials-like experience of going very slow and negotiating a series of very tight turns, while climbing out of a valley! Here, too, the 390 shines. It's got a somewhat low first gear, but more importantly, it is the undisputed grand master of the world at low-rev chugging. My 250, which is similarly geared, has to take this trail at something like twice the speed just to stay alive, which makes it considerably more difficult. The legendary 120, on the other hand, works even better than the 390. It is really a remarkable machine, but I'm just letting the keyboard ramble now.

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