Video - Supermoto Track Day @ Ruapuna - with Grass/Dirt section

Videa Husqvarna TE610E Supermoto Track Day @ Ruapuna - with Grass/Dirt section

Supermoto Track Day @ Ruapuna - with Grass/Dirt section

1st real Supermoto Track Day @ Ruapuna (Chch, NZ), 17 Nov 2012 Loose dirt crash, near high-side and front wheel slides on wet asphalt! On-board footage from my '06 Husqvarna TE610 fitted with motard rims (standard dirtbike front brake rotor), running on very worn Michelin Pilot Road2 rear and Pirelli Diablo front. Progressively getting faster and more confident throughout the day as I try different lines and from following others. Experimenting with body position/styles (boot or knee out), weight distribution and transfer (when and how to move on the long narrow seat for front and rear wheel traction), weighing the outside footpeg (when I remember), slipping the clutch on downshifts for 'drifting' the rear etc. So much to learn and try! Braaaap-lliant FUN pushing the limits away from oncoming traffic and other public road hazards. Looking forward to the next track-day, hopefully with some expert coaching. Other bikes/riders: Experienced MX racer that has just started riding motards as well, on Honda CRF450 Trail bike rider on GasGas EC250, standard rims fitted with Michelin Sirac adventure tyres Experience supermoto racer on KTM SMR or converted EXC 450 with supermoto racing tyres (can't remember the type) More videos will be added as table-top jump, berms etc. are constructed...



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