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Videa Husqvarna SM 610IE SupermotardsClub Christmas Eve

SupermotardsClub Christmas Eve

We had a rideout South West of Barcelona. Where you see shadows, the road was wet! This caused a few 'moments' :) But everyone came back safely. The 'camera' was a Nokia 6700 Classic mobile phone on highest quality settings; the previous night, I made a holder for it from an old piece of cotton and pinned it onto my t-shirt (which is over my leathers) at about nipple height. The bike is a 2008 Husqvarna SM610ie with a custom can (see other vids). Track by Fela Kuti - 'Monkey Banana' from the same album. I'm still really slow on these roads compared to the others, any tips are welcome. Thanks for watching.

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