Video - Soggy Dry Lake

Videa Husqvarna WR 400 Soggy Dry Lake

Soggy Dry Lake

Really fun day at Soggy Dry Lake. I woke up one morning to a bunch of phone calls to go with my uncle, and another uncle was going by coincidence... Got the bike ready, threw $7 of gas in it, threw it in the back of my uncle's truck, and off we went. Fun random riding days... ahh good times. Yeah I had been itching to ride for a while. Anyway the song is "All Star" by Smash Mouth. Buy it on iTunes at: And at Amazon here: No copyright infringement intended, I just want to make a cool video and share it with friends and family. I am making no profit on this video whatsoever. Thank you UMG for allowing my video worldwide.

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