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Videa Husqvarna WR 390 Shortest of all Rides

Shortest of all Rides

This happened on Saturday, 27 September. We were going for our second ride of the day, and intended to be out for maybe two hours. My dad is riding a 1979 Husqvarna 390CR and I'm riding a 1982 Husqvarna 250CR. It's not really much of a "video" per se. What I did was put a small audio recorder (my Sansa Express) in my pocket while we rode, and recorded the beautiful melodies coming from my exhaust pipe. The problem is, it's so loud that it was pushing the limits of volume the mic was able to handle, so the audio quality has suffered a bit. I have included descriptions of what was happening at such and such a time, so you can get more of a feel for what happened. At no point were my dad and I "racing" or really trying to go as fast as possible. We were just out on a dirt road having a good time. At first.

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