Video - Return to Cerdanyola - part two

Videa Husqvarna SM 610IE Return to Cerdanyola - part two

Return to Cerdanyola - part two

Part 2 of 2 This was filmed with the same camera strapped over my left hip. I did the route a couple of times and tried to edit it together showing progression from where the last video left off (after the 'dirt track' part). I added the song after editing the video - a mistake, I couldn't sync the video with the song after the first change without doing it all again. Seeing as no-one is really looking at it, I can't be bothered TBH! hehe. the same info as part 1 basically: Bike - Husqvarna SM610ie 2008, Aecerbis Supermoto hand guards and Arrow can. Camera - ATC5K, attached to a strap around my hips. Helmet - Airoh Stelt Easy 'Colour' (superlight, great lid) Goggles - Pro Grip (don't fit well with the helmet IMO) Leathers - Alpinestars two piece Vest - homemade Software - Windows Live Video Maker (easy to use, simple results - what do you expect) Music - 'Joker & the Thief' by Wolfmother Road - the BV-1415 aka Carretera d'Horta a Cerdanyola which is just north/ west of Barcelona. Googlemaps link -

Husqvarna, SM610, ie, 2008, supermoto, Airoh, ATC5K, BV-1415, Carretera, d'Horta, Cerdanyola, Can Cerdá, Sol i Aire, Londonbiker, Barcelona, Wolf mother



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