Video - Return to Cerdanyola - part one

Videa Husqvarna SM 610IE Return to Cerdanyola - part one

Return to Cerdanyola - part one

I have been practising and my ability and confidence on the mountain twisties is improving. This road has become my 'practice ground', I'm now becoming familiar with the curves and haven't come off yet ;) This is part one, part two is here some info: Bike - Husqvarna SM610ie 2008, Aecerbis Supermoto hand guards and Arrow can. Camera - ATC5K, attached to a strap around my hips. Helmet - Airoh Stelt Easy 'Colour' (superlight, great lid) Goggles - Pro Grip (don't fit well with the helmet IMO) Leathers - Alpinestars two piece Vest - homemade Software - Windows Live Video Maker (easy to use, simple results - what do you expect) Music - two songs by a Spanish garage band called Fantasmage: 'Vuelta a empezar' and 'Metido entre sombras' download their free demo (including these songs) - Road - the BV-1415 aka Carretera d'Horta a Cerdanyola which is just north/ west of Barcelona. Googlemaps link -

Husqvarna, SM610, ie, 2008, supermoto, Airoh, ATC5K, BV-1415, Carretera d'Horta a Cerdanyola, Fantasmage, Vuelta a empezar, Metido entre sombras, Can Cerdá



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