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Videa Husqvarna CR 390 Powerline Trail

Powerline Trail

This is my favorite trail. It's out maybe five miles West of McCubbins Gulch Campground and it's really a blast. A lot of trails are cool because they're tight and have berms and such, and there's a place for that. But honestly, a man could take a trail like that on my '67 Kawasaki as he could on the world's best-handling bike with 125 horsepower. I like a trail that lets you stretch out and build some speed - especially considering the horrifically terrible first-to-second jump on the 390. And while we're on the topic of locations, the starting point is at Keeps Mill Campground, at the bottom of the White River Gorge. Speaking of the 390, here's the story. The day before (Friday), my dad was on his '79 Husqvarna 390, and I on my '82 Husqvarna 250, when he hit a very malicious couple of rocks that managed to completely upset both the front and rear ends at the same time. This made the bike severely catywhompus. He managed to save it, but in doing so he severely injured a shoulder tendon or something, so he couldn't ride the next day. That left me open to take the 390 for a ride on my own. If you ever have the chance to get a 390 Husky (they were made from '77 through '80) I highly recommend doing so. They can feel a little long and a little tall in some places, but the low-end power and six-speed gearing make it a very good trail-and-road bike indeed. And for those experts out there wondering about the blue tank, no, it's not stock. The 390 always had a black tank with ...

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