Video - Husqvarna 500XC Skitzo Bike (Remastered)

Videa Husqvarna XC 500 Husqvarna 500XC Skitzo Bike (Remastered)

Husqvarna 500XC Skitzo Bike (Remastered)

This is an old video of a Husqvarna 500 XC put into a 250 frame. The bike was since converted back to a 500 frame (seen in the last pictures). Also, the carb was jetted really rich from the previous owner and I believe the carb was actually bad. This bike has since been tuned and is correctly running. Also, why is the washer on the outside of the swingarm? It's both, on the inside and outside if you look closely. My friend put an extra washer on the outside to protect the frame. This video was up and down many times when the DMCA stuff started with music in videos. Its now remastered with free music.

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