Video - Husqvarna 500 Remix (Trip) (Remastered)

Videa Husqvarna XC 500 Husqvarna 500 Remix (Trip) (Remastered)

Husqvarna 500 Remix (Trip) (Remastered)

PLEASE READ! This video is being re-uploaded using Creative Commons Music. The original video posted in 2008 was using Skinny Puppy (the video is still in sync with Skinny Puppy's song "Hardset Head") and I had taken it down a while back so this video has changed the music. Also note that this is a trip video, I had a lot of stupid comments on the original video from individuals whom did not understand the concept. If you are one of those individuals just ignore this video and watch the Husqvarna 500 Skitzo Video below. This is the same video, it's just mixed and that is the point of this video. So before you complain that you want to see the Husky and this video is "pointless" just watch the unmixed video that is linked below!

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