Video - Husky 610 Supermoto damp forest ride

Videa Husqvarna TE610E Husky 610 Supermoto damp forest ride

Husky 610 Supermoto damp forest ride

A snipped from a ride on a cool autumn Sunday in Christchurch (NZ) - to try out my new GoPro Hero and its low chin mount (modified from GoPro's head strap)... and to see how it'll look loaded here. Made an 8 min video to show other great spots on this nearby pine plantation but after converting the trimmed videos to avi files (for editing in Windows Movie Maker) the quality dropped significantly... so just this one (original MP4) snipped loaded for now, until I learn how to edit it properly... or buy the proper software. The camera is mounted to the motocross helmet's chin at almost chest-level. Find this angle more engaging to watch compared to the remote 'floating' effect helmet cams usually give. Thought of fitting a chest strap but that wouldn't give the advantage of filming where I rotate my head to. This low (screwed and glued) mounted position seems to have the advantage of both configurations. Filmed riding my 2006 Husqvarna TE610 fitted with 17inch motard rims, shod with Michelin Pilot Road2 tyres. Also have the original 21/18 inch rims which I am yet to try on this bike, since buying it in Feb 2012. Previous dirt / adventure bikes that I did not use enough to become a good dirt bike rider (still lots to learn): DRZ400 (3 of them!), DT175, KDX200, YZ250, YZ125, XT350. Current significant other (dirt bike) - road registered KTM 200EXC

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