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2010 Husqwarna TE450,

Dual Sport Domination! The 2010 Husqvarna TE 450 rules the roos like no other. Compare feature for feature with any bike on the market including KTM 530. The quality of components, power and handling are just awesome. Fuel injection, 6 speed transmission, Kayaba fork, Sachs shock, Brembo brakes, the list goes on and on! The TE 450 is an exact replica of the official Husqvarna machine that has competed in differing enduro and rally world championship events. Winner of its category in the world championship rally in Sardinia, the 2010 version of the TE 450 has been modified to further improve handling and rideability. Changes include new Kayaba 48 millimeter forks with redesigned steering clamps for improved stability under all types of conditions. The swing arm is 15 millimeters shorter with the progression of the rear suspension further improved by new damper settings on the Sachs shock absorber. All the new body panels have IPD (in mould plastic decoration) graphics and are made of stronger, more flexible plastic. The front and rear lights are more powerful. The rear cluster houses LED lights and an integrated dual purpose number plate holder that can carry either a license plate or a racing number without the owner having to buy additional parts. The machine also features new hubs, new wheel spindles and a fixed rear disc. All the 2010 Husqvarna twin-cam engines now feature new radiator hoses and more powerful water pumps so as to improve cooling and performance. Get ...

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