Video - 1984 KTM 495 Rebuild Part 9

Videa Husqvarna CR 500 1984 KTM 495 Rebuild Part 9

1984 KTM 495 Rebuild Part 9

Almost enough together to test fire the engine. Lots of things can go wrong with this beast and there are issues with it such as the fact that the cases were rotted dont know if they will hold up. They are also all warped, none of the cases held oil with just the gaskets, all needed permetex. The cylinder bolts are bowed and the cylinder head does not even set level on the bottom end, this was all that way when I got the bike so hopefully tightening everything up real tight will help that. There are three stages to this rebuild. The next stage is firing the bike and making sure it holds up. The second is enough to do test riding. The third is replacing the cables and things so it can be trail ridden normally without worrying about any rigged up parts.

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