Video - 1982 Maico 490 GS First Ride (in HD)

Videa Husqvarna XC 500 1982 Maico 490 GS First Ride (in HD)

1982 Maico 490 GS First Ride (in HD)

For Best Quality - Watch in HD (click above "Views") and click the Window Icon to watch FULL SCREEN. The first ride of the 1982 Maico 490GS after rebuild. It's muddy and there's some icy paths so just taking it easy, I ain't Jeremy Mcgrath and I ain't doing no Jack Ass-style stunts just some easy riding here. The helmate camera is the POV.1. This is Tillamook Forest OHV, I am just traveling about a mile around the staging area and most of what you see are actually roads not the trails. There's more than 200 miles of trails here and then there is Diamond Mills which is another 100 miles of trails.

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