Video - 1982 Husqvarna 250CR - Cold Start

Videa Husqvarna WR 240 1982 Husqvarna 250CR - Cold Start

1982 Husqvarna 250CR - Cold Start

We're in the making of another video for Physics class, and this time the topic is two-stroke motorcycles. Naturally, this means that I just HAD to start the Husky up in my driveway! We used my mom's still-picture camera for this, and it's video capability is really secondary, so the video quality is pretty low. Yes, the bike has a yellow tank, and no, that's not stock! It was originally purple like the 360, but we repainted it yellow with black trim because the caliper paint we used is very durable, and it's just not something you see very often, if ever. The old 125's came with yellow tanks, but that was a more brownish shade which was, honestly, pretty bad. Before this film, I turned on the gas and choke and let it sit for maybe fifteen to thirty seconds. The first two kicks are gentle "pre-kicks" to make sure the engine turns over well and to get some gas in the cylinder. And yes, I did forget to turn off the choke when I hit the throttle there.

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